December Daily 2020: Week Three

Carolee Flatley
Carolee Flatley

Hello friends! I wanted to share the third week of my December Daily album with you so let’s get to it!


Day 14 was pretty chill since basically I was just working on December Daily. Pretty boring :)


After I finished up the post, I played a bit of games with the hubby. It was nice to relax a bit!


SNOW! I was hoping for snow but I was surprised I got it so quickly! And as you’ll see later…


It actually stuck around! I was so excited!


On the 18th, I decided to spend a bit of time making some tonjiru, a favorite soup of mine. Nothing like sitting under the kotatsu with a bowl of soup on a cold winter day!


I also did manage to finally do some clean up of my office which helped me significantly with getting my work done!


On the 19th, we spent a bit of time on the corner where the kotatsu was since we spend so much time there. I’m obsessed with that kotatsu and I’m so glad we kept it!


And we finally FINALLY got our tree up on the 20th! It took us a bit but better late than never, right? Ryan always does such a great job with the tree. I’m in love with it!

So that’s it for week three! I can’t believe that I’m already done through the 20th! How? Also, this will be the first year in a long time that I’ve finished my December Daily and I 100% have this blog to thank so thanks to all of you for following along!

Tomorrow’s post will be a video. I think I know what I’m going to do it on but we shall see! Talk to you then!

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